High performance and high efficiency are the hallmark of the extensive range of Trinity Pint Application Machine Designed and manufactured by Trinity itself utilizing its superior know-how and experience.

Major Paint Application Machine

major equipment

■ Pretreatment
■ Heat Exchanger for Phosphate
■ Electro Coating
■ Spray Booth
■ High Efficient paint Collector
■ Air make-up
■ Enthalpy Wheel
■ Baking Oven
■ Automatic Color Changer
■ Electrostatic Spray Gun
■ Electrostatic Rotating Bell

■ Non Electro-Charge Bell
■ Near Bell
■ Module Color Change Valve
■ Trinity Valve
■ Multi Gear Pump
■ Flushable Gear Pump
■ Quick Washer
■ Waste Liquid Recovery
■ Electrostatic Flocking Machine
■ Cartridge Bell

Major Paint Coating System

painting robot system

■ Water Borne Paint Supply System
■ Gun Change System
■ Non-adjustable Dual Piping System
■ Paint Circulation System
■ Body Paint System
■ Color Change System

1. Painting robot system

painting robot system

Painting robot system

2. Painting apply equipment

painting apply equipment

Paint atomizing apply equipment to the automotive body by bell

3. Paint spray equipment

painting spray robot system

Dry paint to make hard the paint film by heating around 200℃

4. Automatic electro static painting equipment

automatic electro static painting equipment

Spray booth on the body