1. Electrostatic Paint Spray Gun with Cascade Module – RBG-42, RBG-40 Series

Compact and light weight paint spray guns used for complicated surface and flat surface

Electrostatic Paint Spray Gun RBG-42 & RBG-40 Series

electrostatic spray gunAdvantages

  • Compact and light weight

Although the high voltage generator is built in, it weighs only 1080g weight. It is too compact to be taken for a conventional electrostatic guns if there is no low voltage cable.

  • Safety design 1

Since the comapact high voltage generator (DC 60kV) is developed, electrostatic sprayer and gnerator are unified and no high cable is needed.

  • Safety design 2

If the corona pin contacts with earth wire, there is no spark out. Because high voltage loading part is downsized as small as possible is built in and detects overload and high voltage is cut down instantly. Even in the two thousand ignition tests with Normal Hexane, there was no ignition occured.

  • Flexible pattern control

Since the atomizing air and pattern air is independent, pattern setting can be done freely during operation. It is essential function for robot painting.

  • High voltage setting

There are two settings for high voltage. Voltage can be changed according to the paint change from metallic to solid and solid to metallic paint.

  • Suitable for low resistant paint

Because the special paint tube is used, it is applicable to low resistant paint (1MΩ – cm)

electrostatic spray gun

RBG-42 Use for complicated surface

electrostatic spray gun

RBG-40 Use for flat surface

Specifications: RBG-42, RBG-40

Gun Body

electrostatic spray gun


Operating voltage: DC 60 KV
Maximum current: 100µA
Air pressure: 0.1~0.75MPa
Air consumption: 100~650Nℓ/min
Paint delivery: 100~650cc/min
Cut of range: 10~100µA
Gun weight: 1080g

electrostatic spray gun


Input: DC24V, 0.5A
Output: 60 KV, 100µA
Restriction Resistance: 100MΩ


Input: AC 100V, 1A
Output: DC 24 KV, 0.5A
Output setting: DC 20~60KV
Current range: 10~100µA



2. Automatic Electrostatic Air Spray Guns ‘Auto Radial’ – ARG-20, ARG-30 Series

High transfer efficiency and coverage, suitable for various paints, stable pattern, easy to install and operate.

Automatic Air Spray Guns ARG-20 & ARG-30 Series

electrostatic spray gunAdvantages

  • High transfer efficiency and coverage

“Auto Radial” – Because of sufficient voltage resistance, 80KV voltage can be loaded and wrapping the paint object with the fine particle by low pressure atomizing and adhered in the strong electric field of direct electricfication, excellent coating efficiency can be gained.

  • Suitable for various paints

Since the paint can be electrified directly at high voltage and weaken the superficial surface tension and distributing the paint into the many paint discharging holes and aomizing the paint by high speed air flow, high efficient electrostatic painting can be achieved for various paints from low pollution paints (water soluble, high solid) to special paints (teflon, metallic, two components). No need of insulation.

  • High response

Because the paint valve which is connected directly with the spray nozzle is built in the end of paint sprayer, sharp cut of mist curtain can be done and no spitting.

  • Safety design

Since the electrostatic capacity of the nozzle is extremely small and the high voltage cable which is molded with the electric current restricting resistance within the paint sprayer body, overloaded electric current can be controlled less than the ignition energy. Also, the automatic cut-off circuit which can adjust the cut-off current and discharging circuit is integrated in the cascaded module.

  • Stable pattern

Because many paint discharging holes are allocated evenly by the radial atomizing system, stable paint pattern can be achieved for a long time and there is no transforming.

  • Easy installation and operation

High voltage generator can be separated into high voltage generating part and controller circuit. Also the operation board can be separated into electric controlling part and air controlling part.

Specifications: ARG-20, ARG-30

electrostatic spray gun






Model number: ARG-20
Air pressure: 0.35MPa or over
Air consumption: 100~650MPa
Overall length: 400mm
Weight: 2.5kg



Model number: HV-10
Input voltage: AC 100V 50/60Hz
POwer consumption: 100VA
Output currency: 120µA
Current range: 30~100µA
Weight: 40kg



Model number: VC-10
Maximum voltage: DC 100KV
Actual diameter: ø 12mm
Standard length: 7.5m
Weight: 1.5kg

3. Electrostatic Hand Spray Gun – Model BS & BM

This new reduced size and lighter weight Hand Spray Gun improves production efficiency and workability. In addition, excellent results for metalic painting are possible.

Electrostatic Hand Spray Gun – BM & BS Series

electrostatic spray gunThe gunof type “BS” is in general use for almost paint except water soluble paint, metalic paint, amino alkyd paint.

In case, using electrical conductive paint such as “High-Metalic” paint, amino acid paint (woodcraft use), please use spray gun type “BM”.


  • Small and light

the grip of the spray gun is molded in the lost-wax process. The combination into one body of high resistance and high-tesion cable makes BOTHRAY so small and light as never before seen in products of this type. The high power pack coes in a compact form because it is contained in a solid-state type housing of ejection-molded plastic.

  • Quantum jump in productivity

BOTHRAY packs a high spraying capacity (650cc/mm), a beautiful coating finish and pattern spraying over a wide area, all of which make it an ideal high-productivity tool for painting car bodies and other large objects.

  • Pattern changes at a single touch, it means high workability

Held in one hand, it can change spraying patterns in a one touch operation, requiring no downtime between pattern changes, it can paint objects of widely differenct sizes in one continuous operation without any waste of paint. This proves BOTHRAY’s high workability.

  • Good durability

The packing used with a special bellows is leakproof. The nonconductive cylinder is made of reinforced plastic with a teflon surface finish, and thus withstands high voltage and has a high tensile strenght. The high tension cable is made of a special highly flexible and pliant material.

  • High degree of safety

High resistance for preventing sparking is built into one unit with the high tension cable so that there is no danger of insulation breakdown. Safety of the high power pack is assured because it has a built-in high speed circuit breaker in which the breaking current can be set as the occasion demands.

  • Excellent static painting possible with metalic paints

The paint passage has a special mechanism that keeps the paint’s resistance value at a high level. This assures a high rate of adherence to generally marketed metalic paints with resistance values of 1MΩ cm or over. BOTHRAY model M is recommended if you want to get a high grade static painting with low resistance high metalic paints or water soluble paints that are electrically conductive because it gives this type of paints a good static adherence.


electrostatic spray gun

Specifications: BS & BM

Model BS

electrostatic spray gun


Applied voltage: DC-60 KV
Current: 100µA
Air pressure: 0.1~0.75MPa
Air consumption: 100~800Nℓ/min
Spray capacity: 100~650cc/min
Pattern width: 50~500mm (fan nozzle)
Weight of the gun: Model BS 550gr

Model BM

electrostatic spray gun


Applied voltage: DC-60 KV
Current: 100µA
Air pressure: 0.1~0.75MPa
Air consumption: 100~800Nℓ/min
Spray capacity: 100~650cc/min
Pattern width: 50~500mm (fan nozzle)
Weight of the gun: Model BS 590gr