Trinity’s total guarantee covers any size of entire paint finishing systems from start to finish stage- and from planning to after-sales services.

Major Equipment

major equipment

■ Pretreatment
■ Heat Exchanger for Phosphate
■ Electro Coating
■ Spray Booth
■ High Efficient paint Collector
■ Air make-up
■ Enthalpy Wheel
■ Baking Oven

■ Incinerator
■ VOC Treatment
■ Thinner collection system
■ Waste Water Treatment System
■ Paint Sludge Treatment System
■ Conveyor
■ Factory Air Conditioner

Major Paint Coating System

major equipment

■ High Efficient Water Rinse
■ Iron particle Remove System
■ Low Frequency Agitation System
■ Counter flow Mixing System
■ Particle Scrape off System
■ ED enclosed System
■ Sludge Treatment System
■ High Quality ED Coating System
■ Waste Water Recycle System
■ Non-Waste Water Treatment System

■ Solvent Paint System
■ Powder Paint System
■ Water Borne Paint System
■ Booth CCR System
■ Air volume and direction Cont. Sys.
■ Above Monitoring. Sys.
■ Energy Saving Temp. Cont. Sys.
■ Energy Monitoring System
■ Equipment Operating Conditon
Management System

1. Pre Treatment

Clean up the grease and iron on the body for ready painting

2. ED coating

ed coating

To prevent anti corrosion painting on the body by electrically.

3. Oven


Dry paint to make hard the paint film by heating around 200℃

4. Booth


Spray booth on the body